Unseen Real Life Desi Housewife Photos

If you talk about Mumbai Aunty or South Indian Aunty, This thing is understood that, In real life desi housewives working hard in India. As a house wife they work every day and whole the day in house to keep the things, cooking, and cleaning house everything by one young lady.

Sometime these hot aunties have to go to Bazaar/Market to buy vegetables and other food related stuff. This whole thing take housewives so much time but these aunties are good to give you perfect company. Young ladies from Indian would like to join you if you can try to meet them in any Indian Market places where real life bhabhis passing some time.


Do not try to tease Desi Girls – Funny Photo

Teasing Desi girls and hot aunties is common in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Its called eve-teasing. Eve teasing is a euphemism used in India and sometimes Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal for public s a x u a l harassment, street harassment. If you ever tried to tease any of Indian Desi aunties, you might get her shoes by throwing on your face. Lets see this funny aunty photo who is ready to throw her shoes.

Desi Indian Aunty in Beautiful Saree

Indian housewives and hot bhabhi always like to wear sarees in their real life. Wedding shows, or Mehndi Ceremony, Indian aunties never forget their culture and traditions. Saree is a traditional dress which is most famous and much liked by desi Aunties in Pakistan, India and Bangladeshi.

This is beautiful aunty who looks gorgeous in sea green saree. She is married and mature hot aunty who love to learn and want to increase her friends circle in real life. Social networking sites she have been join a lot but real life friends are her wish to increase in Mumbai as it is her birth city.