Pakistani Aunties Marriage Traditions

In Pakistan the Marriage ceremony and the traditional steps are very interesting. In larger cities the traditional not following as much as in small towns they are being followed.

Being “Dulha” in wedding is most hot point. Dulah is a guy who is going to marry with a girl. and Girl is called Dulhan. Many different kind of traditions happened to “Dulha” during the ceremony.

One of them is, taking off shoes of the “Dulha” is involved. it really depends on what tradition your family follows regarding it..
the way we’ve seen some Pakistani family do is that on the wedding day.. just have the doodh-pilai.. where u serve the guy milk.. n ask him to give u money.

And in the following photo, A beautiful Pakistani Auntie is siting in groom dress, and another aunty putting a traditional “Taweez” (taweezat in which the Quranic verses are written on metallic small sheets or pieces) on her arm. They think it will help her during the married life with her husband.

Desi Pakistani Aunties are really traditional women on the earth.


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