Facebook Aunties

Here are some of the most beautiful Facebook aunties. Facebook is a cool place to find real nice aunties that are hot and that will provide good friendship. If you want to find a aunty from facebook, you will find the link to the facebook page of the girl from this post’s pictures.

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Hot desi aunty

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hot young aunty from india

This girl from Pakistan said that she want a husband really quickly…

mallu desi aunty

This girl is really busy doing some shopping but she also spend a lot of time on facebook!

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desi aunty from the shop

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hot aunty desi mallu india

Let’s conclude with this appetizing desi aunty from New Dheli. Like you, she’s looking for love and friendship. Talk to her quickly here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Meet-Hot-Indian-Girls-420087154998599/posts/?ref=page_internal

Navel hot aunty

Hyderabad Aunties

Dear auntypics visitors. Thanks for your comment in the latest posts. A lot of you guys asked for a special post about aunties from Hyderabad. I wanted to thank you for being so involved by finding some really hot desi aunties from Hyderabad just for you. Please keep commenting and sharing. Don’t forget that if you want to learn how to seduce aunties and find real housewives for true friendship we have a new section on this website where you can learn good trick to seduce aunties: www.auntypics.com/aunties-seductions/.

Enjoy 😉

hot aunty picture of indian girl from hyderaba Hot indian aunty from Hyderabad Hyderabad aunty in orange sari mallu aunty with big boobs Pink clothed aunty hot pics

Selfie Time!

Modern Aunties are taking a lot of pictures, sometimes to make selfies, sometimes to send hot pictures. Indian aunties are using their mobile phone more and more, they can use it to send sexy pics sometimes! Enjoy!

This aunty is taking a selfie in a park of Hyderabad

wonderful indian girl

Sometimes they takes selfies inside like this sexy indian girl from Mumbay

aunty from india taking selfie

Nice smiling aunty!

red dress hot aunty taking selfies

The next aunty is one of the most beautiful girl of Chennai! She likes to take selfies!

indian aunty

This aunty loves to take sexy hot pictures of her before taking showers!

selfie phone friendship aunty naked

The next aunty is really hot and she likes to show it!

big boobs in cheetah bra hot aunty

_____Which city has the hottest aunties?______

Everyone wants to find the hottest aunty for friendship and nice shared moments. But where are the HOTTEST AUNTIES?

Here are some real picture of aunties with their hometown mentioned.

PUT YOUR HOMETOWN IN THE COMMENT.. and we’ll help you to FIND HOT AUNTIES in the next posts!!!!


Hot Indian Aunty in blue clothes


Idian Aunty in her room


Sexy Indian aunty in blue dress


Cute indian aunty selfie



real dhaka aunty


real aunty in her room

Want hot indian, pakistanese or bengladeshi aunties from your city?

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Hot Desi Aunties in underwears

Hot Desi Aunties and Indian Girls can be found everywhere in India but there’s no place like their home when it comes to showing their friendship and loyalty. Here are some pictures of hot aunties in their underwear.

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hot desi aunty

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indian big boobs hot aunty
hot indian girl
hot desi aunty showing her boobs in underwear
hot desi aunty showing her boobs in underwear
hot indian candide girl
candide hot indian aunty

Dhaka Aunties Mobile Phone Friendship in Bangladesh

Dhaka is very busy city of Bangladesh. Its land of desi and foreign living  Aunties. Some hot Bengali Aunties when come back to country, most likely they choose Dhaka city to live. As it have fun, entertainment and most beautiful colors of Bengali life.

If you look at current scenario of Bangladesh, It has been overcome by some extra-liberal societies which are using innocent desi housewives for sex and joy purposes, and they pay much money for this work which held only at home. All deals went over cell phones. Hot Bengali girls or Bangladeshi aunties, both are being used to have friendship via mobile phones. And they get enough money to spend their life with her children and poor husband or family.

Bengali Aunty Taking tea while talking with Friend on Mobile
Bengali Aunty Taking tea while talking with Friend on Mobile

dhaka-aunty-hot-bengali (2)

dhaka-aunty-hot-bengali (3)

These beautiful and Hot Bengali Aunties are awaiting you to call them for fun and send them some mobile credit and in return you will have all desired fun in whole night packages. Hot Desi Aunty of Dhaka will really get you warm and you will realize you are at the edge of fun and joy. Don’t forget to comment below your cell numbers so these hot Bengali aunties gonna contact you soon.


Hot Desi Lucknow Aunty In Yellow Saree

Hot Desi Indian Aunties from Lucknow are beautiful and charm full. Lucknow is the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. This metro city is the administrative headquarters of Lucknow District. Women from Lucknow are not just housewives, they are liberal and active member of their society.

Aunties from Lucknow have their own way to express themselves. Desi Aunties of this beautiful city are passionate and hot. Never say just hot, you can say sexy and more than it. Some guys always have craze to be friend of these type of hot aunties in India. Indian Aunties not just hot in Mumbai and Delhi or any other cities. Lucknow is best place for finding desi aunties for friendship or relations. Have you guys ever tried to find your mate in Lucknow :).

Hot-Desi-Aunties-Lucknow (1)

Hot-Desi-Aunties-Lucknow (2)

Hot-Desi-Aunties-Lucknow (3)

Hot and Young Tamil Actress In South India

Do you guys know about Nikitha Narayan. She is South Indian Queen and  hot Tamil woman. Nikitha has been selected Miss South Indian in 2010. Nikitha  is going to expose her red color modeling dress to the public in following photo shot.

Most South Indian actresses come based on data from the Tamil language film-making region of the South Indian condition of Tamil Nadu. Many of the country’s most beautiful women are in such movies. Check out pictures of hot and passionate south Indian young actress. She is prettiest women in the tamil industry. Tamil people love her so much and want to see her all the time in Telugu and south Indian movies.
Hot Tamil Aunty

Beautiful Desi Aunties in Kerala – South India

Beautiful Desi Aunties in Kerala takes you on a delightful cultural tour to the yards of pristine beauty and warm people, This is Kerala in South India. Kerala’s cultural history can be traced returning to the ancient times. South Indian arena to a lot of overseas influences too has had an influence on Kerala’s extensively standing culture and tradition.

Kerala, India is famed for its folk art forms overly fashion an integral side of the traditions and culture of Kerala. Some of the famous classical dance types which construct a side of the traditions of Kerala, India are Chakyarkoothu, Bharatnatyam, Mohiniattam and Kathakali.

Kerala has had a extended tradition of martial arts. In thing the many rulers who undergo reigned in that neighborhood throughout the decades own patronized numerous art forms, be it architectural styles who are reflected in the ancient buildings, temples and churches in the region. Kerala Women are beautiful and hot in their look and style. Fashion is inherent in Kerala women, its not 21th century fashion but its give good look to them.