Desi Aunties at the Pool

When travelling to Mumbai, you can see a lot of private pools where aunties aren’t afraid to show their body to stranger. Also, if you are nice to them and respectful they can offer you great friendship.


These two desi girls are from Pakistan but they are currently visiting their friend in Mumbai. They often go to the pool and don’t care who’s looking at them.

Hot indian girl at the poolDesi girl in swimsuit

Another busy swimming pool in Hyderabad this time. There, girl tend to wear more flashy swimsuits.

desi aunty in swimming suit desi aunties from the beach hot desi aunty from mumbai

These last two pics were sent by a friend to me. The two girls are from Bangladesh and he told me he slept with one of them. If you also wished to send me your picture don’t hesitate to comment it and I’ll get in contact with you

hot desi anty swimming suitpool partry indian girl

Plus-Size Aunties

Dear reader, today’s post is dedicated to special women. By special, I mean these women that have an extra plus of personality and that are proud of it. Maybe you’ve guessed by now, that this post, is dedicated to plus-size aunties.
These more generous kind of women can sometimes make us dream the all night long.
No text with these pictures as sometimes beauty must be appreciated silently.
Enjoy !

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Facebook Aunties

Here are some of the most beautiful Facebook aunties. Facebook is a cool place to find real nice aunties that are hot and that will provide good friendship. If you want to find a aunty from facebook, you will find the link to the facebook page of the girl from this post’s pictures.

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Hot desi aunty

The next aunty lives is Mumbai, she’s getting ready for a date with a man she met on facebook! Here is the page where to find love:

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This girl from Pakistan said that she want a husband really quickly…

mallu desi aunty

This girl is really busy doing some shopping but she also spend a lot of time on facebook!

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desi aunty from the shop

The next girl asked a friend to take a picture of her in the bathroom so she could put it on facebook and seduce more guys! Reply her here:

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Let’s conclude with this appetizing desi aunty from New Dheli. Like you, she’s looking for love and friendship. Talk to her quickly here:

Navel hot aunty

Hyderabad Aunties

Dear auntypics visitors. Thanks for your comment in the latest posts. A lot of you guys asked for a special post about aunties from Hyderabad. I wanted to thank you for being so involved by finding some really hot desi aunties from Hyderabad just for you. Please keep commenting and sharing. Don’t forget that if you want to learn how to seduce aunties and find real housewives for true friendship we have a new section on this website where you can learn good trick to seduce aunties:

Enjoy 😉

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Selfie Time!

Modern Aunties are taking a lot of pictures, sometimes to make selfies, sometimes to send hot pictures. Indian aunties are using their mobile phone more and more, they can use it to send sexy pics sometimes! Enjoy!

This aunty is taking a selfie in a park of Hyderabad

wonderful indian girl

Sometimes they takes selfies inside like this sexy indian girl from Mumbay

aunty from india taking selfie

Nice smiling aunty!

red dress hot aunty taking selfies

The next aunty is one of the most beautiful girl of Chennai! She likes to take selfies!

indian aunty

This aunty loves to take sexy hot pictures of her before taking showers!

selfie phone friendship aunty naked

The next aunty is really hot and she likes to show it!

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